Written by Kelly Cheung
Last update: Wednesday, Jul 14, 2021

A mention is a reference to someone or something. (brand, business, topic, person, etc.)

After you set up your project, BrandMentions will show you the mentions it collected.

On the Mentions area you can see historical data about your mentions. By default, you’ll get access to the mentions from the past 30 days, according to your settings. You have the possibility to extract the mentions from the last year, by using the Extract Historical Data feature.

There are two ways of visualizing your mentions: full view or list view. Below, you can see two screenshots with the 2 views, first the full view one, and the second, the list one.

You can check all your mentions, or look a the web mentions or social mentions only. Click on each mention from the list below the graph for more details. 

In the print screen below you can see what type of data is available for each mention.

  1. Add or edit the tag of the mentions.

  2. Add a bookmark to the mention, if, for instance, you want to review that mention later.

  3. Block the mention. This way, all the mentions coming from that site or author won't be reported in the future.

  4. Delete the mention.

  5. Sentiment Analysis of the mention: Unknown, Neutral, Negative or Positive. Hover to change the sentiment analysis of any mention.

  6. Important Mention tag - all the mentions that have a performance score of minimum 30 will have this tag.

  7. Performance score: BrandMention’s score shows how important a mention is. It is calculated based on the total number of shares and the page’s domain influence.

  8. Comments/ Retweets/ Likes/ Shares/ - depending on the type of mention (coming from Facebook, Twitter, etc.), you'll get a number of how many comments/shares, etc. that mention gathered.

  9. Share the mention directly from the app.

Mentions that are tagged, bookmarked or unlinked will appear in specific categories in the left menu, so you can easily access them.

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